How to support nature-friendly farming

In a world where every purchase counts, supporting nature-friendly farmers has never been more important.


Shop local and seasonal:

Buy fresh and seasonal produce from your local online farm shop, traditional butchers, greengrocers or farmers' market. Farmers' markets provide a platform for small-scale nature-friendly farmers to sell their produce directly to people. By shopping at local independent businesses, you can build a connection with local producers, ask questions about how your food was produced or where it has been sourced, and support a local supply chain.

Find your nearest farmers' market or farm shop at FARMA or connect with local shops, food hubs, veg box schemes and farmers through Open Food Network UK and Better Food Traders.


Work or volunteer on a farm:

Many nature-friendly farms offer volunteer opportunities where you can get hands-on experience and learn about sustainable farming practices. By investing your time and energy, you not only support the farmers but also gain valuable knowledge that can be shared with others. You can learn more about working and volunteering on a farm at Hops Labour Solutions.


Join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Scheme:

CSA schemes allow consumers to have a direct relationship with farmers by purchasing a share of their produce in advance. This not only provides farmers with financial stability but also encourages sustainable farming practices and reduces food waste. By participating in a CSA, you can support nature-friendly farmers while enjoying fresh, seasonal produce. The CSA Network UK can help you find a CSA farm near you.


Support Farm-to-Table Restaurants:

Many restaurants in the UK are now sourcing their ingredients directly from local, nature-friendly farmers. By dining at places where you know they source their ingredients well, you are directly supporting sustainable farming practices and helping to reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transportation.


Engage with Social Media and Online Platforms:

Follow nature-friendly farmers on social media platforms or subscribe to their newsletters so you can stay updated on their practices, initiatives, and upcoming events. By sharing their posts or attending their events, you can help raise awareness about sustainable farming and inspire others to support these farmers.


Join the nature-friendly farming movement for free:

Join the NFFN for free as a farmer member or public supporter to stay informed on all things nature-friendly farming.