NFFN's UK Manifesto: Field of View - A roadmap to a better food and farming future

United Kingdom

The coming years will be crucial in building the resilient and secure food and farming systems society desperately needs. We need urgent, transformative action to fix systems which have become synonymous with declining food security, economic precarity, and ecological fragility. It’s time to finally recognise the importance of farming and land use in underpinning a healthy, prosperous society. This means viewing land through a wider lens, harnessing its potential to produce the food we need to live healthy lives while restoring nature, meeting net zero and driving sustainable economic growth. 

Ahead of the next general election, our roadmap for a better farming future outlines the seven key actions required to secure a food system that delivers for all. 

Read our 2024 Manifesto on making a better future for farming possible.


Our Manifesto's 7 key actions: