NFFN Cymru: Sign our open letter to Lesley Griffiths on the Sustainable Farming Scheme

Sustainable Farming Scheme

The Welsh Government is in the process of its third and final consultation on the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS), which is the start of a new long-term programme to support agriculture in Wales. 

Done well, this new era of farm support can help restore our farmed landscapes, building vitality and resilience in our fields, farms and communities. A more rounded view of how we use our land can bring multiple benefits, marrying sustainable food production alongside ambitious climate action and impressive biodiversity gains.

Done badly, however, and the move towards this new future risks continuing the cycle of flatlining farm incomes, heightened vulnerability and ongoing environmental decline. 

Now is the last chance to make your voice heard and ensure the SFS helps put farming on a secure path, underpinned by profitable farm businesses and thriving landscapes. 

Sign our open letter to Lesley Griffith

We have written an open letter to the Welsh Rural Affairs Minister, Lesley Griffiths, outlining our five key asks for ensuring the Sustainable Farming Scheme works for all farmers.

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Our five keys asks for making the Sustainable Farming Scheme work:

  1. Provide a proper funding package for nature-friendly farming 

  2. Ensure that no farmer gets left behind 

  3. Follow the principle of the right tree in the right place for the right purpose

  4. Payments that deliver genuine outcomes

  5. The right advice, guidance and support for farm-level change

As it stands, those farmers in Wales who are doing the most for nature are being disadvantaged. The SFS currently does nothing to distinguish between farmers who are doing the bare minimum required under the scheme and those who are going above and beyond that baseline to deliver multiple benefits.

Rhys Evans, NFFN Cymru manager

The Sustainable Farming Scheme - will the Welsh Government get it right?


Get Involved

NFFN Cymru is urging members to engage with the final consultation in a number of ways.

Sign our open letter to Lesley Griffiths

We have written an open letter to the Welsh Rural Affairs Minister, Lesley Griffiths. If you believe the Sustainable Farming Scheme should reward farmers properly, leave no one behind and support the whole sector in delivering the right outcomes from our land, please show your support by adding your name. 

Watch our SFS webinar with the Welsh Government

On Tuesday, 13th February, we hosted a webinar with David Ashford from the Welsh Government, who gave an overview of the SFS consultation. Catch up here.

Respond to the consultation

We will be responding to the consultation, and we encourage our members to send their own individual responses. We've put together a number of resources to support you in submitting your response:

Our Key Points briefing

This paper outlines some of our thoughts on the proposals, including what we consider to be the positives as well as areas of weakness and concerns. We highlight our five key asks for what the scheme needs to incorporate to work for all farmers.


Our Summary Paper on the Sustainable Farming Scheme

This paper provides a summary of the consultation document. It does not set out our views on the proposals. The details outlined in these proposals will not necessarily be the final scheme design and might be subject to change prior to the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme launch in 2025.


Our briefing on the potential economic impacts of the Sustainable Farming Scheme

The Welsh Government commissioned independent research to estimate the potential economic effects of elements of the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme. This briefing provides a summary of the report along with our thoughts and observations.


If you would like support in responding to the consultation, either online, over the phone or face-to-face, please get in touch with