Meet our Farming for Nature Ambassadors in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Meet the six new Farming Ambassadors who are being awarded for working towards a whole-farm approach to farming with nature. The Farming for Nature Ambassadors Northern Ireland Project is awarding six Farming for Nature Ambassadorships to Northern Irish farmers in 2023, complementing the 81 current Ambassadors in the Republic of Ireland.

This project has been funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs as part of the Shared Island Civic Society Fund with support from the Burrenbeo Trust and The Farming for Nature Project.

Clare and Gabriel Kelly, Co. Tyrone

Clare and Gabriel are taking steps towards supporting a more biodiverse farm landscape. The fourth-generation farmers discovered they could run the farm both profitably and in harmony with nature.

Dale Orr, Co. Down

Dale has created a thriving, interdependent farm through experimentation and hard work. Taking a holistic, whole-farm approach means the economic and environmental rewards stack up.

Ruth and Scott Walker, Co. Antrim

Ruth and her family run a small, sustainable farm producing high-quality milk and dairy products. They like to call their nature-friendly farm “a slice of paradise.”

David McBride, Co. Antrim

David is working in partnership with the RSPB to restore peatland and encourage wildlife. The goal is to ensure the bog functions as it should: storing carbon, preventing flooding, and supporting a range of wildlife.

Johnny Blair, Co. Londonderry

Johnny has his sights set on reinvigorating the land. As a direct consequence of short grazing durations and long recovery periods, it has allowed the farm’s soil to recover and thrive.

Edward Ellison, Co. Antrim

Edward is mostly self-sufficient. He’s given ten per cent of the farmland back to nature; consequently, it’s teaming with biodiversity and the soil has improved.