Meadow and Grazing Workshop with Carolyn Jones

Meadow and Grazing Workshop with Carolyn Jones


July 10th, 2024 - 11:00 am


July 10th, 2024 - 3:00 pm

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Species-rich grasslands were once common around the UK, but in less than half a century, we've lost nearly 97% of these valuable habitats. This loss amounts to nearly 7.5 million acres of wildflower meadows, making the rare and fragmented areas we have left even more vulnerable.

A growing number of farmers are working to restore and protect these important farm habitats because of their numerous benefits on and off the farm, including:

  • healthy, carbon-rich soil

  • reduced soil erosion

  • diverse forage for livestock

  • reduced flood risk

  • landscape connectivity for wildlife

  • reduced need for artificial fertiliser and pesticide

  • vital habitats for threatened species of plants, invertebrates and birds

In this workshop, discover the benefits of creating new species-rich meadows, how to manage species-rich meadows and different grazing strategies which will allow your business to become more resilient to the changing climate.

This workshop will include a talk on species-rich grassland and meadow management including grazing strategies followed by a farm-walk. A buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Additional Info:

  • As there are livestock on the farm, we kindly ask that attendees do not bring dogs with them to the farm.

  • We also request from a biosecurity perspective that all attendees bring with them a pair of easily disinfectable boots that they can wear when walking around the farm.

  • Part of the session will be conducted out of doors, in a field which is a 10 min walk from the yard. For those with mobility issues, please let us know if you will require assistance and alternative arrangements can be made to get you to the field.

  • Finally, due to limited parking spaces in the yard, we would ask that where possible attendees attempt to car-share.

Carolyn Jones: Carolyn has 25+ years’ experience in providing professional ecological and environmental advice, working with local authorities, environmental charities and statutory agencies. She currently works for the National Trust and in the last 5 years has been working with farmers and estate managers on land use and management planning and delivery with a focus on natural asset management to deliver for farm businesses and public goods. Her key focus areas include natural asset survey and evaluation (soils, water, habitats), land and farm plan production, agri-environment scheme development and farm business transition to regenerative / conservation focused systems.

This event is produced in collaboration between the Nature Friendly Farming Network and the National Trust.