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UK signs trade deal with Australia

Martin Lines, UK Chair, says:

The UK has signed its trade deal with Australia – and it’s exactly what we were afraid of. Our research earlier this year found many farmers do not feel supported in upholding high environmental standards and this is another blow to their confidence.

It’s a far cry from the Government’s manifesto commitment made in 2019 and a loud call to action for consumers to back UK produce and home-reared meat. Climate change has global implications and trade liberalisation should be elevating standards to match our domestic climate & biodiversity goals – not undermine them.

The government cannot credibly support sustainable food production and champion farming’s environmental stewardship while opening the door to low-welfare, high-carbon imports which will flood a marketplace ill-equipped to differentiate between high and low standards of production. Consumers and farmers alike deserve better and now, more than ever, we need mandatory food labelling of production methods.