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join_now Join Now
join_today Join Today
read_our_blog Read Our Blog
find_training_and_events Find Training & Events
are_you_a_farmer ARE YOU A FARMER?
member_of_the_public NATURE LOVER?
header_tag_line Be part of the solution. Join today...
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email Email
address Address
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partnership_text In partnership with
about_us About Us
farm_news Farm News
training_and_events Training & Events
stakeholders Stakeholders
resources Resources
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terms_and_conditions Terms & Conditions
cookie_and_privacy_policy Cookie and privacy policy
about_our_site About our site
cookie_text We use cookies on our website to help give you the best online experience.
tell_me_more Tell me more
ok_thanks OK Thanks
quick_links Quick Links
county County
type_of_farm Type of Farm - Select Appropriate
are_you_agri_scheme Are you in an agri-environment scheme?
type_of_farm_details Please give details of your type of farm
environment_scheme_details Please give details of the agri-environment scheme
habitats Are there any species or habitats that are of particular interest to you?
voluntary_help Are you doing anything voluntary on your farm to help nature?
misc_1 Please select how you would like to be involved with Nature Friendly Farming Network.
farmer_hold_events Holding farm demonstration events for other farmers
farmer_hold_public_events Hold farm events for the public
farmer_talk_to_neighbours Talking to your neighbours
farmer_share_knowledge Sharing/receiving knowledge via the network
farmer_training_opportunities Training opportunities
farmer_write_articles Writing articles for the media
farmer_media_interviews Media interviews
farmer_social_media Social media
farmer_write_to_mp Writing to politicians
farmer_sign_petition Signing petitions
farmer_parliamentary_events Attending parliamentary events
farmer_policy_development Inputting into policy development
misc_2 If you're happy for the Nature Friendly Farming Network to keep in touch, please let us know how you like to hear from us:
e_sig Sign E-Signature
misc_3 * Essential information - please fill in fully
success Success!
success_msg_1 Thanks for Joining Nature Friendly Farming Network
success_msg_2 We have received your information and have added you to our database.
data_protection_1 Please see our Data Protection Statement
data_protection_2 and sign below to confirm you are happy with it.
farmer_organic Are you an organic farmer
farmer_agree_manifesto I agree to the NFFN Manifesto
name_of_org_ad Name of Organisation
type_of_org_ad Type of Organisation
type_of_help_avail Type of Help Available to NFFN
name_of_farm Name of farm