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Top 5 Five Ways To Support Nature Friendly Farms 

The Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) supports over 2,000 farmers across the UK that are working around the clock to produce nutritious food while delivering benefits for the environment and reversing wildlife decline. To highlight the importance of sustainable food during a pandemic, NFFN is launching a new report, showcasing the extraordinary things that farmers are doing to help their local communities. You can download that report here.

Many farm businesses have been forced to adapt overnight to deal with sudden disruptions and increasing demand from local communities. On top of those challenges, farmers are concerned that future trade deals could soon undercut the high standards set up UK farmers.

Nature-friendly farmers are making sure that they’re producing our food in a way that’s sustainable for nature and our planet, and now they’re keeping us fed during the worst of this crisis. Here are five key ways that you can support their efforts during these unprecedented times: 

1. Shop local and sustainable.

Buy fresh, seasonal and sustainable produce from your local online farm shop or market. Find farmers across the UK delivering locally here.

2. Work or volunteer on a farm.

The UK is facing a potential shortage of 80,000 workers due to COVID-19. If you have the time, find your local farms to help harvest the food for the nation. You can learn more about working and volunteering on a farm here and here.

3. Join the nature-friendly farming movement for free.

We are stronger together. Join the NFFN for free as a public member to stay up to date with how you can support nature-friendly farmers producing food for the nation.

4. Try not to waste.

Over 1/3 of food around the world is thrown away. It’s important not to stockpile food that will go to waste. Make sure you plan your shopping trips carefully, buy only what you need, and use up leftovers. Here’s some top tips from Love Food, Hate Waste.

5. Celebrate the local farmers doing extraordinary things.

Nature-friendly Farmers are going to great lengths to produce the food on your plates while protecting nature. When you receive food from a local producer, share your food stories and celebrate it on social media with #NatureFriendlyFood.