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Scotland Update June 2021

New partnership project

NFFN Scotland are pleased to announce they will be working in partnership with the Cairngorms National Park Authority, Pasture Fed Livestock Association and Plantlife Scotland to deliver phase one of a project in the national park to support farmers to plan adaptive grazing management to restore and protect species rich grasslands. The project, “Mob Grazing for Diversity: Enabling

natural meadow regeneration through adaptations to grazing management” will include plant species identification training, volunteer led habitat surveys, training in mob grazing techniques and farmer mentorship.

This project is supported by the Cairngorms Green Recovery Fund 2021. 


Get Involved

Dr Lorna Cole, Agricultural Ecologist from the department of Integrated Land Management  at SRUC is looking for farmer contributions to rate a range of Sustainable Practices For Intensive Livestock Production, which will help determine future research in sustainable intensification of livestock in Scotland. Click for more information.


Bringing Biodiversity Back! 

You can find all the videos from our Bringing Biodiversity Back showcase here. There are 6 short videos from nature friendly farmers across Scotland, enjoy!

Images by Nikki Yoxall