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Rethink Farming - A Practical Guide for Farming, Nature & Climate

COP26 is a huge opportunity for the NFFN to demonstrate how farming can deliver for climate and nature while shortening supply chains, forging direct routes to local markets and mending a fractured food system that largely favours supermarket behemoths, with unyielding bargaining power over smaller, nature-friendly farmers.

Rethink Farming – A Practical Guide for Farming, Nature & Climate brings together resources on key areas of climate concern and highlights the golden opportunities within farming and land use management, including soil, water, biodiversity, carbon management, landscape approaches and food quality. Our report shares stories from farmers around the UK who are already acting on climate mitigation to secure a prosperous and resilient future for both their businesses and their local communities.

For our seven-week Rethink Farming campaign, we will be sharing the report’s case studies in full-length on our website. Each farmer’s journey shines a light on how adaptation can prepare our landscapes for a warming world.

Martin Lines, NFFN Chair, Nature Friendly Farming Network, says: “It’s in farmers’ best interests to act on climate change and nature recovery, so we’re in a good place for maximising opportunities for funding for public goods, and further down the line, to capitalise on returns from private markets.”

“We know that farming is contributing to ecological disruption and the science is clear – we have 10 years to avoid the worst effects of the climate emergency. Simple solutions can have the greatest impacts in preparing farming for what’s to come.”

Ahead of COP26, we have written letters to UK governments to urge bolder and more ambitious leadership in setting forth the policy, funding and frameworks needed to pace and scale the transition to climate- and nature-friendly farming.

Our letters have been endorsed by: National Trust, Woodland Trust, RSPB, Soil Association, Sustain, Plantlife, The Countryside Restoration Trust, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, Compassion in World Farming,  Butterfly Conservation, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Ulster Wildlife, Friends of the Earth NI, Wildlife Trusts Wales

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