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NI: AERA Committee Climate Change Bill Consultation Response

Earlier this month, we submitted our Consultation Response to a call for views on the Private Members Climate Change Bill for Northern Ireland.

To date, Northern Ireland is the only country within the UK without statutory emissions reduction targets. Agricultural policy will play a vital role in addressing the threats currently facing our environment and nature-based solutions will be key in how we work towards achieving net-zero.

With a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to address the nature and climate emergencies, our call is on the NI Government to action an ambitious Climate Action Bill policy. With a nature-friendly farming system at the heart of policy reform, net-zero by 2045 can be made possible with adequate financial support afforded to farmers, clear direction and suffiicient timelines outlined.

We hope the outcomes of the AERA Committee will positively shape the future of nature-friendly farming in Northern Ireland for years to come. Have a read of our consultation response here.


– July 2021