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NFFN Wales Update - March 2021

The Right Tree in the Right Place

Wales Leads held a meeting as part of the Natural Farming Network with North Wales Wildlife Trust (click here to read about their latest Living Landscape Project) and RSPB.

We discussed ideas of how to best work together on the importance of planting the right tree in the right place and promoting this message amongst us farmers on the ground and to policy makers. Wales NFFN want to help identify potential case studies, whether it be a small farm woodland, planting for carbon sequestration or for a crop, as part of a shelter belt, wildlife corridor or as part of natural flood mitigation, or perhaps as a bigger forestry project. Please email us if you think you have a case study we’d like to hear about.

Floodplain Meadows in North Wales
NFFN’s Sam Kenyon has been engaging with her local MP, Council, a Welsh Government advisor and Local Water and Environment Engineers, on the importance of functional and biodiverse floodplains being allowed to act as flood water storage areas. In the face of the Global Climate Emergency, and with Welsh Government currently developing future Sustainable Farming Schemes, Sam hopes that Glanllyn Farm can one day be an example of how important it is for working farmland to help mitigate flood damage throughout local rural communities, as well as reducing the erosion of our countries food growing soil. She hopes to show that with the right sort of management, primarily by slowing the flow and creating flood storage areas, that resilient, carbon capturing, permanent pasture can provide healthy grazing for livestock during drier seasons, as well as a vital, diverse and species rich habitat for bugs, birds and heaps of other wildlife too. To find out more or to show your support contact us here.
Welsh Government White Paper
A survey on the latest consultation paper has been sent from our NFFN Cymru Chair, Hilary Kehoe, to all our farmer members across Wales. The White Paper outlines overall objectives and possible areas of support for agriculture. We’ll collate all feedback before creating our informed Nature and Farming sensitive response to Welsh Government.