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NFFN launches Rethink Food at Westminster 

The Nature Friendly Farming Network launched its new campaign, Rethink Food, (15 June) in Westminster. We had a fantastic turnout with over 40 MPs attending our showcase of how sustainable food production can be underpinned by nature-friendly management. A huge thank you to all our members who contacted their MP.

NFFN UK Chair Martin Lines said: 

“The last few years have presented numerous challenges that have called for improvements to the resilience of our food system, and we need to move forward in tackling unsustainable input dependency on UK farms. There is growing recognition that food is part of the solution to the climate, nature and health crises, and we need to urgently balance food production with on-farm efforts to restore the natural environment.”

“Many farmers are already struggling with the impacts of climate change. But there is a lack of clear direction and join-up between land use, food and farming policies, leaving farmers uncertain about navigating change in an increasingly volatile market. Governments must embed nature-friendly food production and distribution at the heart of a thriving food economy. Reducing food waste, shortening supply chains, supporting opportunities for diversity of production and setting high procurement standards are some of the routes to meaningful change.”

Diversity of production took centre stage during the event, with all four corners of the UK represented in displays of food produced on nature-friendly farms that are restoring biodiversity recovery and mitigating climate change. Farmers demonstrated how other products, such as textiles, biochar and agroforestry, can also be commercial outputs that provide income, improve soil health, reduce waste, offer pest management and improve the production capacity of the land.

Event sponsor and Conservative MP, Selaine Saxby, said:

“First and foremost, we need our farmers to produce food. However, food production depends on our land’s health and the climate’s stability, and we must maintain our ambition during the agricultural transition. Food production, profitable farm business, and biodiversity recovery must – and can – go hand in hand as we face the multiple interconnected challenges of food insecurity, cost of living and climate change.”

Rethink Food launches at a pivotal moment when future food and agriculture policies across the UK will shape farming’s transition towards sustainable food production and wider adoption of nature-friendly agriculture.

Thank you to our event speakers: Minister Victoria Prentis, Geraint Davies, Labour MP and Stephen Farry, Alliance MP.

Minister Victoria Prentis