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NFFN Cymru Farm Visits May 2022

The week commencing May 16th is Nature Friendly Farming Week and NFFN Cymru are delighted to be hosting three free farm visits.

This is a great opportunity to see farming with nature in action and hear first-hand the benefits of nature-friendly farming approaches. This is also a chance to meet other like-minded nature-friendly farmers, share knowledge and experience and learn new things.

All farm visits are free and spaces are limited. Book your place by following the Eventbrite links below.

Feel free to e-mail Rhys – for more information.

Wales Farm Tour Schedule

Glanllyn Farm, St. Asaph, Denbighshire – 2pm, Tuesday 17th May

Although from a farming background, Sam didn’t start working in agriculture until her mid-thirties. Now living on the banks of the River Elwy in North Wales, Glanllyn Farm comprises of lowland fertile flood plain and ancient steep woodland where she produces high-quality lamb, goats, turkeys and eggs from pasture-fed hens.The health and biodiversity of their farmland and livestock is their top priority and they have undergone flood resilience work to repair the river’s damaged banks.

Sam believes strongly that a biodiverse and regenerative approach to farming and our soils are key to reversing the global climate crisis. By re-sowing maize fields with species rich permanent pasture mixes as well as planting hedgerows and trees, Sam is working for soil resilience, reduced erosion, increased carbon sequestration all year round and a complete regenerative system encompassing livestock and nature.  Sam has also recently established a smalls scale horticulture enterprise aimed at selling fresh produce to local residents.

For more information, or to book your place click here.


Troedrhiwdrain, Elan Valley, Powys – 2pm, Wednesday 18th May

Sorcha and Brian Lewis are third generation tenant farmers living at Troedrhiwdrain Farm with their two children.  Troedrhiwdrain (meaning ‘at the foot of the thorny bank’), is a 580ha family upland farm.  Over the last 10 years Brian and Sorcha have developed the productivity of the farm, whilst successfully retaining and incorporating many important habitats, including hay meadows, ffridd and rhos pasture.

Due to its location within the water catchment for the water supply to Birmingham, the farm has been managed as low impact for generations, with no inorganic fertilisation of the ground, just sheep or cattle manure. This careful management, along with the range of habitats, means the farm hosts a wealth of wildlife habitats and species.

For more information, or to book your place click here.


Esgairllaethdy, Myddfai, Carmarthenshire – 2pm, Thursday 19th May

Hywel farms beef and sheep at Esgairllaethdy, Myddfai, Llandovery, on the western end of the Brecon Beacons. The farm comprises 230 acres, including 50 acres of conservation grazing, plus grazing rights on the adjoining common land known as Myndd Du, where his cattle help manage the land for biodiversity. There are also 25 acres of native woodland.

Hywel believes farmers and consumers need to connect more and together, can drive change for a better planet. Hywel has planted thousands of thousands of trees on the farm, and lets his hedges grow up and out to provide shelter for livestock, plus food and shelter for wildlife. He believes biodiverse rich upland farms are underestimated for the amount of carbon they already sequester, through rich tapestries of grasses and mosses. Hywel champions a working farmed landscape, the importance of rural communities and how vital it is that we protect our farm businesses for future farming generations. 

For more information, or to book your place click here.