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NFFN's new virtual conference - Nature Means Business

Right now farm businesses are facing a multitude of challenges: climate change, unpredictable weather patterns, changes to future farm payment schemes and adjusting to new consumer demands. But as research shows, farm businesses can improve resilience by utilising the most powerful asset at their disposal: nature.

Post-war, the focus was on the volume of food production and a “dig for victory” mindset saw decades of farming intensification sweep the UK. Since then, it has been encouraged that higher levels of production can be linked to improved farm profitability, but often the role of nature has not been examined in the context of the wider farm system. In many ways, farming became divorced from the natural assets it relies on. As a result, nature has been viewed as an additional burden to be managed rather than brought in as an integral partner in the farm business.

Now, in the throes of a climate and nature emergency, there is a call on farming to work with nature so it can secure profitability, resilience and a thriving natural environment.

Nature Means Business is a farming approach based on recent studies that have shown that farm business profitability could be inextricably linked to nature. This research has shown that farmers continuously working with high-input high-output systems often experience less profit or are unable to break even financially.

If we get the balance between food production and nature right, then we get the best value from our landscape and farm businesses can be more profitable as a result.

Join us for an all-day online conference on 19 October. This will be an immersive educational experience for farmers to learn the fundamental basics of working with nature. This conference aims to give you the tools to analyse your business, so you can implement a framework for valuing your natural assets and improving profitability.

View our conference schedule or book your ticket here. Following the conference, there will be in-person farm visits across the UK. More detail to follow soon.

For more information on Nature Means Business, including the research into Maximum Sustainable Output (MSO) visit our resources page here.