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Hedges, Edges and Farmland Trees Webinar: NFFN x Woodland Trust Cymru


A free online webinar looking at the importance of farmland trees and hedgerows as part of Nature Friendly Farming Week.


There is no doubt that trees play a vital role in addressing the nature and climate crisis. Woodland, agroforestry and hedgerows can make us more resilient to climate change and create a nature-rich landscape that is beneficial to both farmland and wildlife. With the Welsh Government setting the target of 180,000ha of new planting by 2050, there’s no doubt that farmers can and will play an important role in meeting this aim.

Chaired by Rhys Evans (Sustainable Farming Lead for NFFN Cymru), the session will include talks from Jerry Langford (Policy Lead at Woodland Trust/ Coed Cadw), Hilary Kehoe (NFFN Cymru Chair), Malcolm Edwards (traditional hedge-layer) and Ruth Pybus (Broadleaf Wales/ Bron Haul).

Topics under discussion will include the multiple benefits of farmland trees hedgerows and woodland, what good management looks like, as well as some of the current barriers and policy opportunities for farmland tree planting.

1. Welcome and introduction – Rhys Evans

2. Benefits of farmland trees and hedges: Jerry Langford

3. What good hedgerows look like, farmer attitudes and benefits at Tyddyn Isaf – Hilary Kehoe

4. Hedgerow management – Malcom Edwards

5. Woodland Management at Bron Haul Farm – Ruth Pybus

6. Q&A



No dates currently available for this event.