Feeding The Nation: How Nature Friendly Farmers Are Responding To Covid-19

Feeding The Nation: How Nature Friendly Farmers Are Responding To Covid-19

See our full report on NFFN and the Covid-19 crisis here.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 we have seen many challenges across society, and farmers are no exception. There are farmers with food to sell, but many of the usual supply chains are closed. There are farmers with produce to harvest, but a lack of workers to make this happen. We urgently need to support farmers to connect with the public, right across the country, so they can sell their produce without this food going to waste.

Many Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) farmers are changing the way they supply the food they produce, and are marketing directly to the public, through local supply chains or online. What hasn’t changed though is their commitment to our natural environment and farming, nor their determination to provide the food we all need. We are proud to support them during this challenging time.

A sustainable food supply chain in the UK has never been more crucial to help farmers provide healthy and sustainable food, avoid food waste and protect wildlife and the environment. We urge you to support your local nature friendly farmers during this crisis and beyond. Find out how here.

What others are saying about NFFN Farmers

Woodland Trust 

“Members of the Nature Friendly Farming Network are not just delivering healthy food, they are also delivering a healthy environment.  It is increasingly widely recognised that both are crucial as we all focus on human health and wellbeing.

Given COVID19 and subsequent economic shutdown has the potential to greatly affect the UK’s response to climate change and nature loss, this report highlights what can and is being done by NFFN members to help address those crises whilst still focussing on the need for sustainably produced food during the Covid19 pandemic.

It is crucial that future legislation and funding is firmly directed towards rewarding this kind of work so that it becomes the norm recognising as it does the interconnectedness of a healthy environment, healthy food and human health.”

Darren Moorcroft, CEO Woodland Trust

Butterfly Conservation

“Butterfly Conservation strongly supports the work of the Nature Friendly Farming Network. Many of our most threatened butterflies and moths depend on the work of sympathetic and enthusiastic farmers. Covid-19 presents serious challenges to the sector and we welcome the call to action in this new report.”

Chris Corrigan, Policy Co-ordinator of Butterfly Conservation

Compassion in World Farming UK

 “Compassion in World Farming very much welcomes this important and timely report. Both now during the COVID-19 crisis and in building a sustainable farming system, the role of nature-friendly farming is going to be absolutely crucial.”

Nick Palmer, Head of Compassion in World Farming UK


“The current crisis has demonstrated the importance of food, farming and nature to our daily lives. Nature-friendly farmers have a crucial role to play at this time, and we would encourage all who can to support your local farmers, and join this growing movement.”

Tom Lancaster, Head of Land, Seas and Climate Policy at the RSPB

National Trust

‘This report is a great window into the contributions that Nature Friendly Farmers make to wildlife as well as sustainable food. I would urge everyone to think about the five ways suggested to support nature friendly farmers during the current crisis. Our support is needed to ensure sustainable approaches can thrive in the future.’

Rosie Hails, Nature & Science Director, National Trust