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Why and How to Meet Your MP Now

We are soon to see a new Agriculture Bill (the first in a generation) put before the Westminster parliament. It provides a chance to secure a sustainable future for agriculture and the environment, as well as a range of public goods for society.

In order to do so, this Agriculture Bill (which is expected this autumn) should focus on spending public money to reward farmers for the public benefits they provide to society; increase the funding available and reflect the government’s ambition to restore nature within a generation; and include a broad purpose for future policies, clear objectives and mechanisms to secure long-term funding.

Ask to meet your MP

This opportunity is one that should not be missed. We as farmers are uniquely placed to drive forward the restoration of our natural environment and we need to use our voices to put our messages in front of as many MPs as possible, explaining why the Agriculture Bill needs to support nature-friendly farming across the countryside.

It can be a bit daunting contacting your local MP, especially if you’ve not done it before, or even engaged ‘politically’ that much, or at all. However, it’s pretty simple really. MPs, on the whole, are keen to hear from their constituents, especially on issues that they feel passionate about.

Here are some resources to help you plan a meeting and use it to promote nature friendly farming.

That said, it’s so much more effective if you say this in your own words and express how important this is to you – as a farmer you get it, so please talk about your own experiences, passion and how this fits with your own practices.

You really could help make the difference with this and we’d love to hear how you get on. Please let us know if you meet your MP or have any questions regarding this please get in touch at

Are you a public member of NFFN? Contacting your MP will also be a big help.

Please see a template letter you may wish to use here: