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Welsh Agriculture Bill Consultation

The Consultation document released by Welsh Government on the Agriculture Bill before Christmas(click here to view) has a good long-term outlook, aiming towards agroecology and to sustainable land management over a 15-20-year vision. There is a welcomed emphasis on sustainable food production, tackling the climate emergency and halting the loss of biodiversity. The text is very high-level, setting out the framework for the general direction of Welsh farming support, further consultations are expected to go into more depth on the detail of the proposed sustainable farming and land management schemes. We hope to see the future Ag Bill for farmers across Wales be more user friendly, so that we can continue to champion a working farmed landscape- which provides not only more nature, but also sustainable farm income and employment and delivers public goals, connecting food to the people of Wales.

In our next newsletter we will give details of the steering group’s draft response to this document. In the meantime, if you have opinions on it please get in touch and let us know your thoughts by emailing us here.