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Agriculture Bill Report Stage & Third Reading Briefing

On Wednesday 13th May 2020, Parliament will be voting on the Agriculture Bill online, defining the future of UK farming. At the NFFN, we want to ensure that this Bill puts the environment at the forefront of farming practices.

We have created a briefing on the Agriculture Bill Report Stage and third reading here.

The Bill is pretty good. It delivers a public money for public goods approach, which will create an effective landscape model for future food production. But there are two amendments that need adding, one on trade so that farmers are not undercut by cheaper, poorer quality food, and one on securing long-term funding. We are asking our farmers and members of the public to please email their MP as soon as possible, showing your support for the Bill.

Please support the NFFN to keep farming sustainable by emailing and tweeting your MP, below is some suggested wording you may wish to use.

The Agriculture Bill will come before Parliament for another vote this Wednesday. I am particularly interested in this Bill because I am a public member of the Nature Friendly Farming Network, and feel that the Agriculture Bill is strong and needs your backing. I welcome the public money for public goods approach in the Agriculture Bill, which will create an effective landscape model for future food production.

The shift towards a nature-friendly approach is not just good for wildlife but is key to the long-term survival of farming. It delivers broader benefits to the public, including flood protection, climate change mitigation, water and air quality, and access to thriving natural landscapes. Public money for public goods will support farmers to deliver all these benefits and produce sustainable food for everyone to enjoy.

As my MP, I am asking you to please back the Bill on Wednesday. Please also support amendment NC2 which will protect British farmers from being undercut by cheaper or poorer quality produce from overseas. And please back amendment 5 which will place agriculture on a much firmer financial footing, helping guarantee sustainable food production long into the future.

If you use Twitter, please also tweet your MP and tag us @NFFNUK

This is a brilliant opportunity to lock in a nature-friendly approach to farming for the future. Please contact your MP as soon as you can.

Thank you for your ongoing support for NFFN and the nature-friendly movement.