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Brexit and Our Land - Welsh Consultation


On July 10th the Welsh Government released its consultation “Brexit and our Land”, which explains the basis on which the WG proposes to continue supporting farmers and land managers post Brexit. This consultation will be a key opportunity for advocacy on imbedding environmental principles into policy.  In term of a transition arrangement, direct support (basic payment scheme) will be retained until 2019 at its current level, whilst the transition to new arrangements will begin in 2020 (which will include a phased withdrawal of the BPS scheme) with the ambition of rolling out the new Land Management Programme by 2025.


The new Land Management Programme will replace the CAP in its entirety and will consist of two over-arching schemes: the Economic Resilience scheme and the Public Goods scheme.


The Economic Resilience scheme will provide targeted investment to both land managers and their supply chains. The scheme will provide support to increase market potential, drive improvements in productivity, diversify, improve risk management and enhance knowledge exchange and skills. In doing so, it will help businesses to stand on their own two feet.


The Public Goods scheme will provide support to deliver more public goods from the land. In return, it will provide a new income stream for land managers and make a significant contribution to addressing some of our most pressing challenges such as climate change, biodiversity decline, adverse air quality and poor water quality. To underpin both these schemes we believe there is a good case for fairer, simpler and more coherent regulation.


This is potentially the most important change for Welsh nature in our lifetimes – but we have to make sure the Government get it right, which is why we need your help. The NFFN Wales Steering Group are currently developing a response to the consultation. A draft response will be sent to farmer members in Wales to input in due course.  You can also send an individual response to the consultation by clicking this link.  


In the meantime you might want to take 3 minutes of your time today to complete an e-action (developed by RSPB Cymru) and send an email to Welsh Government. You can either click and send the pre-written email (which takes 2 mins), or personalise it by answering a few questions, such as “I want nature-friendly farming because…”. This will only take a couple more mins, but we really encourage you to do it because personal answers have the most impact!


The consultation will run until 30th October. Thank you for your support!